the supreme court of the united states recently ruled that banning gay marriage was unconstitutional.

i am happy for reasons that others are not. i am happy because maybe this will let a little more love into the world.

however, i am also unhappy. i am unhappy because there is a lack of education of many people on both sides of the matter.

unless it is personally affecting you that homosexuals are able to get married, then you should not weigh in on it at anyone. therefore, i take to this blog. this blog that has literally no viewers.

if, somehow, you come across this blog due to extreme searching, please be aware that these are merely my opinions and are by no means facts. however, as they are opinions, they are not going to change as a product of any intense opinions on either side of the debate.

to those who are staunchly opposed to gay marriage:

1) “it’s adam and eve not adam and steve” — yes, this is true. the bible dictates that the first two human beings were man and woman, created by God for each other. however, marriage was not a part of this union. marriage as a word did not come into existence for centuries at least. also,

2) “uhhh…sodom and gomorrah?” — yes, a city full of homosexuals and lesbians was completely destroyed so much so that if you looked upon it in its ruin you turned into a pillar of salt in the bible. but, shortly thereafter, lot’s daughters slept with their father. so that’s incest. so yeah. the bible is an overarching story of redemption. incest, murder, prostitution and ALL other sins are paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ.

3) “it’s a sin” — tru. so is divorce tho. and i’m not going levitical on you because that’s not a Christian thing, that’s a Jewish thing. the Bible does say “DO NOT JUDGE LEST YE BE JUDGED” and, y’all, there’s a lot of judging happens. personally, i would rather not be judged by God and be judged as if i were Christ instead, so  i’m cool with not judging people. besides, the bible is very clear about how we are supposed to love our neighbor as ourself. and, i’m pretty sure that we give ourselves the benefit of the doubt all the time. “i know i lied but it’s okay.” yeah, homie, that’s a sin.

also, we cannot possibly hold non-Christians to the same moral principles that we hold ourselves to. that’s insane. just like we don’t get held to Muslim principles or African principles or Chinese principles. everyone has their own sense of morality. what we can hold all people to is the law of the land. so, until recently, yeah, you could judge the lesbians and gay men based on the law, but now? now it’s legal. sorry bout it. that’s mothaf*cken fact


1) “Christians hate gays.” that’s f*ckin shit. westboro baptist is not a christian church. i say this with vehemence and hatred despite wishing i could love them. i am sad for them. i am devastated for the fact that these people have been brainwashed with the idea that christianity is what they are screeching. don’t mistake the radicals for the average. although if you take to facebook rn then you will be unhappy as i am.

2) please stop mocking christianity. please stop putting people on a cross as if they died for the LGBT cause. they didn’t. (this goes along with the whole don’t compare civil rights to gay rights thing, ok. i cannot speak for the minorities, but seriously stop.

3) stop gloating. you WON! you WON! you WON! congratulations! i am so happy that people who love each other can have the same rights as others! literally, that is the truth. however, don’t be rude about it. i know there are several people who are being rude the other way, but you won. so their argument is invalid. don’t be a sore winner, and hopefully they’ll stop.

these are terrible arguments from me. which is why this is a secret blog. thank god.

but seriously, why is everyone a sore winner or sore loser rn? that’s stupid. just exist. (i’ve been telling all of my friends that, regardless of my personal inclinations, i am glad this happened. and i refuse to get upset about something that doesn’t affect me until it does. for example, everyone keeps saying “THE NEXT THING IS THE RIGHTS OF THE CHURCH BEING TAKEN AWAY.” if this is the truth, there is a huge problem because freedom of religion is an important thing. and it should apply to all religions.)

sorry it’s late and my contacts are dry.



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