why is everyone so obsessed with themselves? people are so inadvertently narcissistic. and some people are even proud of how humble they are.

our culture is so obsessed with being unique.

we think people are constantly looking at us, taking us into account, or judging us. it’s like when my mom thinks that people are judging me for wearing nike shorts to the mall. or when she thinks that everything that we say and do people are watching and waiting to chastise her for. it’s selfish. no one is looking that way.

we victimize ourselves. people aren’t saying things to insult us. people aren’t thinking. people don’t think of us when they say certain things.

we have this desire to be so individual that if someone else posts something similar on social media, we feel that we own that photo. we own that location. we own that hashtag. we own that pose. we own everything.

we don’t own everything.

everything belongs to God. we are on this earth to glorify Him in all aspects of our lives. we don’t own any of this. and we especially don’t own moments.

we don’t own a picture of a family. we don’t own a picture of a christmas tree. we don’t own a photo of a dog or a moment.

christmas is also such a magical time that isn’t about us at all. it’s a time to love one another and not say anything about things that they feel if they’re negative.


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