there’s something about christmas that’s magical. there are movies about it. there are songs about it. there are books about it. and, maybe it’s because it’s supposed to be magical, but it is.

i love christmas music. the music is always the same and it’s always beautiful, no matter how kitschy. i love that the exact songs my parents listened to when they were kids still play today. i love that we get to add christmas songs and that the old ones don’t go away. i love that sleigh bells become an instrument.

i love christmas movies. i love that they never get old. i love that they are rich in tradition. i love things like the christmas story.

i love christmas traditions. i love that every family has their own, even if they don’t have their own. like, my sister and i always watch passport to paris with mary kate and ashley on christmas eve. i love that my mom’s side of the family calls each other and says “christmas eve gift!” and my dad’s side says “christmas gift!”

i love christmas pictures. i love that it’s a time for everyone to come together. thanksgiving is so focused on family–as it should be. but christmas? it’s focused on all the people you love. we get christmas cards from people across the country and from other parts of the globe who we only really get to hear from near christmas.

i love christmas clothes. sweaters, socks, hats, shirts, pants, leggings, smocks, jackets, scarves, dresses, idk.

i love christmas because people are nicer. people do nice things.

i love it because it’s christmas.


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