today has been weird. to start this off, it is important to note that i make lots of “twitter friends.” i’ll meet a person, we follow each other on social media, and we become friends. it’s just a thing. we don’t necessarily become real life friends. but someone who is always commenting/favoriting/retweeting. it’s kind of weird but also okay.

so there’s one of my twitter friends who used to go to my school but had to move to a different university. he’s a pretty funny dude. i expected him to dial down our twitter friendship, and i dialed back because it was kind of weird. but he’s funny, so i don’t really care, ya feel?

well. today, one of my friends retweeted him, which is super normal, but it had the little blue follow dude in the corner. i thought “wow that’s weird, am i using my second twitter account?” and i checked and i wasn’t. then i went to his profile. i wasn’t following him and he wasn’t following me.

now, this happens to me sometimes. i accidentally unfollow people, then they unfollow me. so i went and hit the follow button, preparing myself for an “omg so sorry i do this all the time.” but, instead, it said that i was blocked.

which, literally, wtf. i barely know this guy. he goes to another university like across the united states. he bears like zero significance in my life and i don’t bear any significance in his. also, he favorited one of my tweets from earlier in the day, so, apparently, i offended him with my tweet about christmas cheer or being up too late. tbh, i wouldn’t have been upset if he had just straight up unfollowed me. i would have noticed one day and been like “ok, here is the end of our twitter friendship. goodbye.”

but to block me? i mean, fine. why do i have such significance in your life? i just don’t understand.

but then, THEN, he commented on my instagram. which is weird. because i thought he wanted me to gtfo of his life. and he asked me to tell him why he’s so cute. uh, bc you blocked me? bc i have no idea?

these are two extremely different things. one is GTFO. and one is oddly flirtatious or extremely friendly?

and he has a girlfriend, which is the kicker. likeee ok?

none of my friends know what to do. and, hell, i don’t know what to do.

this boy was so insignificant to me a day ago, and idk why this stresses me out so much but it really does. boys suck. and it’s not even a “boys suck omg i love him” type thing. it’s more like a people suck. i hate them.


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