it’s 5:08 am. i’ve already said idiotic things like “it’s four and a half am” bc that’s what happens. you go on thanksgiving break, you accidentally spend your whole night creating the perfect sim family. you get nervous that your child with your person is going to be a bad child or a dumb child so you have to regulate their lives. and then it’s 3 am. and then your sleeping schedule is screwed.

and then you get back to college. where you need to do things. but you can’t because all you want to do is vacation. bc vacation season has begun. it is here. and then they put dumb things like papers and finals at that time.

i’ve been riding the crimson wave for the past three days. okay i was going to erase that because i was so disgusted by how that sentence turned out, but, since it was so disgusting, i decided to keep it so someone else could experience how gross it was and be equally upset by it. i’m a monster.

anyway, my mom does this thing where she doesn’t believe that we love her. she thinks that the rest of our family is out to get her and that we only laugh at her. she thinks we don’t appreciate her, we hate her family, we think she’s a fool. these are all untrue.

it comes from the change in culture between our generations mostly. we call my mom the thesaurus queen because she gets miffed if we use the wrong word or she gets offended because she knows the exact meaning of each word spoken. she gets offended by simple vocabulary because if you say that something is “special” she doesn’t like how vague that is. idk.

basically, the issue is that we switch off holidays between her parents and my dad’s parents. so we have a dad christmas and a mom thanksgiving, then a mom christmas and a dad thanksgiving. in theory, this would be a great plan. a for effort, you guys. but the thing is that that’s not how it works here.

on my mom’s side, she has one sister who is married with three kids and a dog. they live in the same metroplex as my grandmother and granddad, so they get to visit all the time. every time we drive through their city, we drop in. every time we stay in the city, we stay with them. usually, my grandmother cooks a delicious meal with several sides and dessert. it’s always quite structured and proper. my cousins and my mom’s sister, my aunt, usually are able to join us. on thanksgiving, we eat a nice meal, only it includes turkey and our dessert is pumpkin pie. there’s not much difference. the same people, same set up, different bird and pie filling. this isn’t to downplay the importance of my relationship with this side of the family, but thanksgiving on my mom’s side isn’t anything special. in fact, it feels like any old weekend that we would visit.

on my dad’s side, he has three sisters and two brothers. four are married, and one is engaged. together, they have seven kids and two step kids. they have about fifteen dogs. my nana and papa aren’t around anymore, but that doesn’t stop thanksgiving. background, we don’t get to visit this side as often. although my nana and papa lived in the same metroplex as my grandparents, their house was always full of people and short on space. so, even when we were visiting nana and papa, we were staying with grandmother and granddad. three of my dad’s siblings live in the metroplex, one four hours southeast and one two hours south. we live two and a half back east. when we would eat, my nana would have us run to burger king or taco bell. in the morning, we would eat pop tarts and doughnuts instead of cereal and fruit. we could eat oreos for breakfast if we wanted! the difference between the two grandparents couldn’t be greater. when it comes to thanksgiving, we all head down to my dad’s oldest sister’s house where she hosts a feast for all of our family, including my second cousins, first cousins once removed, etc. it’s around seventy family members–a de facto family reunion–every year in november. it’s great. when i think of thanksgiving, this is it.

now, for christmas, i mentioned that we always stay with my grandmother and granddad. my mother would protest this claim. and she’s right. we’ve stayed about four times or so. i’m twenty. but, the fact remains that we generally stay with them. which means we don’t actually flip flop christmases. even when it’s my dad’s side’s christmas, we do much more with my mom’s side than the other, because of our obligations as their guests. Now, I don’t mind spending time with them. but it’s unfair that each year we do more mom and less dad.

i know no one cares but i just really love my dad’s family’s thanksgivings.



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