today was november fourth. mid-term elections.

last semester, my american constitutional development professor told our class that it wouldn’t matter if we were to vote in texas. he told us it wouldn’t matter if we voted in any state other than swing states. i wrote him a letter telling him that it was our civic duty to vote. to provide accountability for our government. to vote even in small, local elections. he ‘apologized’ next class, but stood behind his statements. he laughed my words off saying ‘we can waste our time if we wished to.’

today, dr. bridges was proven wrong. today, every vote matter. republicans slew the democrats in the senate. greg abbott won the gubernatorial race in a landslide over wendy davis. it has been said that the clock was set back forty years here in texas. it has been said that we are too close-minded. it has been said that we don’t realize what being conservative means for the rights of women.

do they think that i would be okay with my rights being compromised? it is hypocritical to fight for the right to my body and my choice and a lack of governmental intervention with those choices, yet force the government to pay for the outcome of my choices: free birth control and free abortions. wendy davis ran on a one-note platform focused solely on the “rights of women.” this wasn’t enough. she had to look at the economy, border control, gun rights, etc. to win in texas. it’s not enough to have passionate backers on one issue. especially one so opposed in her state.

mostly, i don’t understand the hypocrisy of the liberal agenda. conservatives are consistently chastised for being too blunt or heartless, but this is only because conservatives say what they mean. liberals attempt to make everything perfect but, in turn, become hypocrites and fight battles against their own words.

i’ve already touched on one of these, but, to further it, forced maternity/paternity leave. in an attempt to equalize the system for single parents as opposed to two-parent homes, the liberal agenda includes the idea that every mother is required to go on maternity leave and, after the birth, paternity leave. However, there are many men and women who would be willing to work regardless of their single-parent status. The federally enforced leave would violate the right of a person to choose. Isn’t that what the pro-choice movement is all about?

this blog has no real point. but none of them do. this is for my thoughts. my ramblings. my need to express myself without backlash of the people who follow me on Twitter. I have friends who believe the cool option is the democratic option. They know that’s the ‘hip’ option. But, so is atheism or buddhism or really anything but christianity.

for me, christianity is hip. conservatism is cool. everything i am is the opposite of what is supposed to be cool. everything i stand for, believe in, it’s all wrong by today’s standards. the claim is that republicans are not accepting of liberals. that we don’t listen to their plight and that we are close-minded. this is far from the truth. i have listened. i have thought. and i understand. yet, i believe differently. and i believe that my beliefs should also be accepted. neither side is “right” and neither side is “wrong.”

but, today, i am able to smile. today, the nation realized that they made a mistake in 2008 and in 2012. these elections mark a turning point. an important one. one where we, the conservatives, are able to prove that we aren’t close-minded, we are morally stable and have steadfast beliefs. we are able to prove that we can love people who are different. we can realize that we aren’t to judge, lest we be judged. we can prove that being  a conservative doesn’t mean your heart is made of ice.

we have #hope for #change, but not a change in our beliefs. a change in how we allow ourselves to be perceived. a change to allow the left-wing to realize what we mean and listen to our plight.

we can do it.


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